Three moments of a lack of consciousness

Pubblicato: 08/01/2012 in Attualità, Filosofia, Politica
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The evolution that our knowledge has met on its road, it has never been even imagined. The contact with this immense common mind, Internet, has revealed how the complex interlinking system existing in the human mankind can be istitutionalized. Even thinking about the unbelievable quantity of data remaining in Facebook or Google is somehow thinking about an anthropic dimension for the common concept of Conservation, nowadays accepted all around the world. Everything having an existence in the system, even invisible, must stay there, going on living, perhaps in a new form.

But this existential desire to survive is, I fear, hindered by the consciousness (or its lack) of the mass of data realizing their decadence in a status of phantom, in our horizon. An information, in the Conservation law, even hidden, lived with its strength, it became a form of energy (just think about an object burning, that is transformed in heat). But at an anthropic level, an information take strength by the one of the being communicating the news. It’s a regime of representation, because of the unsustainable presence of data.

That’s more than the identification between message and messenger. This means the identification between being not significant and being not existing. In this way, the horizon opened with the global mind, giving survival to that precious quantity of humanity that’s in each of us, shows a dark side we must consider.

This stream of beauty is every second deleted, washed away for this accelerated process of senescence we experience by updating our Facebook page. The precariousness of a deathly existence can not be avoided by depending, for our survival, from a machine breathing for us. Not even the accelerating movement can totally remove the deep sensation of this hole imprisoning everything behind the screen of a computer or a television.

Now is past, the list of names with no significant meaning. It’s the mist, a background of not enough powerful code strings lost in a past present, so deep that we feel our balance trembling, while looking in.

Could internet be an unconscious response to the feeling of our physical decline?

The use of our creative capability in order to answer to the common mystery of life can be comprehensible while looking to our feeling horizon. That’s like reading the far echo made alive by Isaac Asimov with his creations, feeling them as fragile pieces of an other time we’ll never see. But looking at the common utilization of knowledge with a principle of accountability, feeling responsible for everything we have been incapable to stop, this auto-corroborating sense of providential heterogenesis brings to a lack of consciousness. Lack in comprehension of what’s real and what is not. Lack in comprehension of what’s important to us, and what should be let in silence, even to remember that it doesn’t need words.

Because our common capability to experience and remember it’s the most powerful capability of the human being. It’s something so far from Knowledge as a lifeless structure of control.

While running, mechanically assisted, we’re losing the sentient element, by the three moments of Law, History and Reality. Confused and lost, the human mankind walk through a waste land, unconscious, and so irresponsible of the world rotating around of us. In the end, there’s so much beauty…



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